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Covered Wagons Go Through East Texas

Two covered wagons are making their way through East Texas. We caught up with them in Tyler Thursday as they were fixing of one of the horse's shoes. They are headed to Tombstone, Arizona and hope to make it there by March.

They said they are doing it because nobody has done it before. They left Texarkana on July 4th and travel about fifteen miles per day. Inside their wagon, they have everything they need, including hot water, beds, a stove, and a cell phone charger.

"It took us 3 years to build the wagon and everything. These are roll bars there incase we roll over. It's weatherproof incase we hit a tornado or something," said Denise Smith.

They said they have seen quite a lot so far. The hardest part has been the rain. However, everywhere they've been people have been very helpful. 

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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