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Calhoun Admits Recruitment Pressures Are Tough

When you are 17-years-old and college recruits promise you the moon and the stars, it can be hard to keep focus. No one knows that better than the state's top recruit, Van's Jermie Calhoun.

The media's spotlight has shined brightly on Jermie. Oddly enough, in his opinion, at time it's been too bright.

"It's a lot of pressure," Jermie said. "I've got to do alot of stuff to keep my ranking high."

Jermie is in no way complaining. He knows he is fortunate. After all he's had just about every college coach in America try to lure him to their school.

"I had Notre Dame," he said with a smile. "Notre Dame is a pretty big school, especially when you're from a small town like me."

At the same time there is a certain unexpected celebrity a teenager is challenged to face because of his talent on the field. Jermie is not sure how to react.

"It's funny. Just going to Tyler or Dallas and I've got people saying, 'Hey, are you Jermie Calhoun?' It made me feel good but at the same time it's like dude, how do you know my name?"

From ESPN to Dave Campbell's Texas Football, one name comes up over and over again: Jermie Calhoun.

Before verbally committing to Oklahoma, Jermie said the recruitment had become extreme. 

"I couldn't concentrate in class. I couldn't sleep at night because I had recruiters calling me all the time. It was hard for me."

Jermie made his decision to become a Sooner and though he still gets some text messages, the calls died out. He saw the Sooners as more than a great football program.

"I met the coaching staff and they talked to us about education, that's what hit me right there."

It was during his visit to Oklahoma that Jermie met another young man from East Texas, just like him. He had been the state's number one, just like him. His name, Adrian Peterson. Jermie hopes their similarities don't end at East Texas and Oklahoma.

"I'd like to follow (in his footsteps). I'd like to see my name in the newspaper... Jermie Calhoun from East Texas."

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