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7/17/07-White Oak

When A Tree Falls In White Oak...

  A giant pecan tree comes crashing down on an east Texas home; pushing it off its foundation, and trapping a man and two young children. It happened Tuesday night, on Oak street in White Oak just as a strong summer storms swept through.
  The man inside says he felt the tree hit the house, and the house being pushed over . He says all he could think of is getting out, and rescuing the children.  He broke through the glass door, and through the screen door and was able to put the kids out on the porch. So everyone got out okay, including some pets that had sought refuge from the storm under the house.
  The home was pushed as much as two feet off its foundation. No word yet if they are going to be able to repair the damage or if they'll have to rebuild.  The family tells us they did not have insurance. If you would like to help the family by donating money to the Pepper Family Fund at White Oak Baptist Church.  You can send that donation to P.O. Box 415, White Oak Baptist Church, White Oak, 75693.

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