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California Man Tells KLTV Same Fake Priest Stole From His Wife

The same targets, the same scam, and uncanny surveillance pictures. In a KLTV 7 Exclusive, a possible California connection to the impostor priest who struck at an East Texas hospital.

A Southern California man tells KLTV 7 he believes the same fake priest who stole from a Kilgore hospital may have done the same thing at local hospitals there. The man called KLTV Tuesday afternoon from Corona, California. That's just east of Los Angeles. He says he read our story online and knew it had to be the same man who stole from his wife at the hospital she works at.

The man provided us with a photo taken June 22 from surveillance footage at a CVS Pharmacy in Southern California. He says the fake priest told the clerk he was buying gift cards for Bingo Night. He then went to a grocery store and to Walmart, spending a total of 3,500 dollars.

A week ago Monday, a fake priest walked into a Kilgore CVS where he also bought $800 worth of gift cards.

Authorities say the men look similar and have the same method of operation.  Now, they're just trying to determine if in fact the two priests are the same man. 

"My wife went in around 7:30 and set her purse down in the emergency room. When she was talking to another nurse, a man dressed like a priest came through and stole her purse and wallet, and within about an hour he had emptied our bank account," Ed Witt said over the phone from Corona.

"I'm still working to verify that, but I believe it's possibly going to be the same person, now I did contact law enforcement in Southern California and talked to a detective that's working that case, specific case and after speaking with him, that also leads me to believe it's probably going to be the same person," said Sergeant Roman Roberson with the Kilgore Police Department.

Ed Witt said fortunately his bank has credited him back the stolen 3500 dollars.  

Tracy Watler, Reporting

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