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7/17/2007-Smith County

Thanking Road Department For Hard Work

Roads all over East Texas are damaged from the rain, but there is good news in Smith County. All the roads that landlocked people are now open and passible. 

Commissioners and residents are very thankful to the Road and Bridge Department for all their hard work.

"We wouldn't have any way out or in," said Hank Stuth. 

For Hank and all the residents in East Shore Estates near Lake Tyler, East County Road 2143 was the only road. With all the flooding, the creek rose and washed out 3/4ths of the road, but it didn't take long before it was fixed.

"They were out here very early that morning and came back and did a more permanent fix later," said Hank. 

Smith County Road and Bridge has been working dawn to dusk to help out residents. At County Road 2276, which is Pleasant Hill Road, Tuesday crews have made quite a difference.

"Pleasant Hill Road has one lane passable. It's been repaired one side at a time," said McGinnis, "Our crews have been working very very hard. They've been concentrating on these types of roads where they are the only way in/out after those roads."

Crews are prioritizing: fixing those roads most heavily traveled first.

 "We are trying to get everybody where they can get in and out. Its going to be awhile before we are back to where we were before all these storms," said McGinnis. "We still have others we are waiting to repair. So right now we are waiting on FEMA to come and do damage assessment. Also we are waiting on culverts. We don't just keep 10 by 50 foot culverts in stock."

FEMA was in Smith County last Friday surveying over 200 miles of damage and they are coming back sometime next week to survey more damage.

In the meantime, residents and authorities are thankful.

"They are doing a good job with what they have to deal with," said McGinnis.

"Whenever they are called they come out and fix it," said Hank.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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