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Lawmaker Asking For Delay In HS Steroid Testing

The statewide plan to have high school athletes undergo random steroid testing has hit a snag and it might not happen in time for this football season.

The problem, over-the-counter supplements, legal supplements may cause positive test results. 

"There is a chance that some supplements can cause the test results to be positive, even though that person is not using steroids, "said Senator Kevin Eltife of Tyler, "and that's just not fair to the athlete."

Senator Eltife and other state lawmakers want to re-examine the new legislation. 

"The legislation does not have a date certain that it has to start," Eltife said. "I don't think we should start the testing if we're not for sure that we can make sure we're counting a positive for something that is not steroids."

Doctor Mike McCrady with Trinity Clinic says supplements are still meant for health reasons, although some have the qualities similiar to steroids.

"Steroids, either in the natural form or the synthetic form, show up in urine and body fluids," McCrady said. "They can be detected quite easily. Some of the very new ones don't have detection test for them in the very early stages but our chemist are able to run test that can find any product in the body."

Even though the University Interscholastic League planned to have testing in place by the the new school year, Senator Eltife thinks everyone should hold off.

"The whole point of this program is to catch those who use steroids and stop steroid use in our public schools and that's a good idea but let's not falsely accuse athletes."

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