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7/16/2007-East Texas

Smith Co. Habitat Team Returns From Honduras

The Smith County Chapter of Habitat for Humanity has provided a new start for hundreds of East Texans. But this year they did something different. For the first time, they sent a team abroad. They're back with quite a story.

A team of 16 went to Honduras to build help build houses, but they left much more than the structure

"You get involved and you are working alongside these people and you're getting to know them. You realize, 'I'm building a house for this family and they get to move out of the shack that they live in and they get to live in a decent home.' It is so much more personal." said Melisa Harris, Habitat Team Member.

The team faced many obstacles. About half got sick, they went to the hospital twice, and heard gunshots many times. Despite it all; they say, checke lecke.

"Checke lecke, which means "everything is cool" in Honduran" said Hannah Walker, co-leader of Habitat Honduras Team. "Our team was very united and we did our job very well."

"They are living without plumbing without any of the conveniences we have," said Melisa.

"We were starting from the ground up. We were a little intimidated at first. How are we going to finish this house?" said Hannah.

A little more work will be done on the houses, before the families move in. But the effort was certainly appreciated.

"One of the homeowners said I see my house but I don't believe it," said Kirk Goodman, co-leader Habitat Honduras Team.

"She told us every night she was going to think about us when she was laying in our house," said Melisa.

"It makes me want to go and help as many people as we can. There are so many people that need help that just benefit from us being in Honduras.  For two weeks we impacted peoples lives that they will never be the same," said Taylor Neill, Habitat Team Member.

"Only God knows the affects of taking a trip like this. All I can tell you is God set us up for this trip and we went and amazing things happened and I really hope all of our lives are changed forever," said Hannah.

Although this was the first abroad trip for the Habitat of Smith County, they are already talking about what country they'll be going to next year.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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