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Sabine River Residents Flooded Again

Several homes along the Sabine River suffered flooding overnight, with the heaviest flooding seen along roads in Gladewater and White Oak.  Roads near the Sabine river today were just washed away, and herds of cattle were stacked up on small islands as pastures flooded as well.

"It's steadily coming up, and we got a lot worse still to come I think," said Sabine River Boater Mike Roach.  Carter Road in Gladewater was overrun by the Sabine.  Many residents were forced to use boats to get back and forth from their homes, and some residents were searching for anyone who might be stranded.

"That's always our concern, whenever you're out there you find peoples' stuff floating around," said Roach.  "We've even found people out there by their houses."

"If it's not raining, it's going to be dry and hot," said River Road Homeowner Bobby Graves.  "Everybody's going to be hollering about that, so what are you doing to do."  The flooding was even worse along River Road in White Oak as fast moving water cut off roadways.  The rising water even washed cars out of the driveways.  In some spots the roads were as much as four feet underwater, and for flooding that wasn't supposed to be too bad, it was bad enough.

"We've seen it a little worse, but not much more than this," said Roach.  Some residents say, it's the price they pay for living on the river.

"Right here on the river, that's why they actually bought the place to be right here on the river," said Graves.  All they can do now, is wait for the water to do down.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.



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