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Police Department Gets 12 New COPPS

The Tyler Police Department got about a dozen new COPPS Saturday, that is Citizens On Park Patrol.  An hour training session was held for those residents interested in being part of the program.  COPPS are volunteers who visit city parks looking for vandals or potentially dangerous situations that could harm park visitors.

"It's a good program to give the police officers an extra set of eyes and ears as to what's going on in the community," said Volunteer Larry Childress.  "We are able to help out as volunteers, and we save the police department a good amount of money every year.  It's just something, kind of giving back to the police department for everything they do for us."  If you're interested in being a part of the Citizens On Park Patrol program, contact the Tyler Police Department.

Tracy Watler, Reporting. tracy@kltv.com



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