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Grand Saline - 7/15/2007

Power of Prayer: Chris Tomlin on Praise & Worship

Of the many words used to describe Grand Saline native Chris Tomlin, "worship leader" may be the most common. And that says Chris is okay with him.  While he sells out concerts around the world, you'll find him leading more often than performing. 

Chris says he approach to his music and his own worship comes from one simple idea.

"That one little sentence, all of me for all of God,  it really says it for me," says Chris. "Its every bit of me. When you see worship in the scriptures it doesn't have a lot to do with music. But, music is an important part of it. I love that God gave us music to express ourselves. I mean don't you love it. I mean we can say things, say things, but when you sing it its a whole different thing.

"There is something about singing that connects to the soul in an amazing way. So I feel like this is really a major thing. In worship, its expressing ourselves, but worship has way more to do with how we live our lives. Because, remember Jesus said himself, He said "your lips praise Me but your hearts are far from Me, you worship Me in vain." And I don't ever want that to be said about myself. I don't want these lips to be praising God with these songs that I'm saying or these words that I am saying and yet me heart be for from the because God sees the heart," says Chris

You'll find most of the songs Chris writes are inspired first by scripture. He says there is nothing more fulfilling he says the to see people use his songs for praise and worship even if its not at one of his concerts.

"The greatest thing I could ever feel about myself is that I chase my songs around the country. I feel they are way bigger than me. And I love that, now I feel when people sing How Great is My God, they don't think its a Chris Tomlin song, that just thing that is a song we sing in our church, that's just our church song," says Chris.

Chris began his summer with a homecoming concert in Grand Saline. The rest of the summer he'll be featured in shows across Europe and Australia.  He'll then return to the U.S. to finish out what will be a fifty city tour in 2007. That coupled with six Dove Awards this year including Artist of the Year makes for a pretty big year for this East Texas native.... Accomplishments he is quick to point out are the result of power of prayer.

"I'm a good example. You don't have to be the most talented or the best... I mean look at me I come from Grand Saline, alright. I mean, you know its not like I came from New York City. You know. God just takes...He just has a great sense of humor.," says Chris.   "I've learned the best thing you can do is trust God with your life. And its not easy, those are very easy words to say but when it comes down to God do you really know what's best for me... I think of a lot of different ways I could have gone a lot of different things I wanted to do in life but to be able to trust God and see what He has done is just amazing. I also know it is the favor of God in all things. I pray for that hand of God to rest on my head. And just that blessing of God I know it all comes from that. Everything, not just the successful music life, family it all comes from that. Just to be grateful, thankful."

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