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Cows Fill Broadway Square Mall

It's becoming a popular character at sporting and special events all over the country.  The Chick-fil-A Cow, and there is probably no better place to appreciate cows then here in East Texas.  Friday afternoon, shoppers were seeing spots at the Broadway Square Mall in Tyler as hundreds of children dressed up for a free meal, and you could say they were milking it for all it was worth.

A heard of cows filled the Broadway Square Mall in Tyler this afternoon for Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day.

"We don't want them to keep eating cows," said 9 year old Katherine Brown.  "If we keep eating cow meat then we don't have any milk anymore."  For many Friday, it was the chicken nuggets that brought out their cow spirit and a chance to save some moo-lah.

"For all of my participants, we have free kids meals, which are chicken nuggets, fries and a drink, and they all get a face cow and hopefully lots of pictures and smiles," said Chick-fil-A Marketing Director Heather Klueppel.  The cow costumes at ABC Daycare took a lot of thought and patience, face paint and all.

"We took the strings and tied strings on our shirts, and we took patterns and we put them on the shirt and traced them with marker and painted over them," said 11 year old Lisa Winn. 

"I don't like being dressed as a cow," said 8 year old Will Hollaway.  "It's embarrassing."  Whether they liked to dress like a cow or not, sounding like one is fun for all.

"Mooo," said Hollaway.

As the Chick-fil-A motto goes, these kids have one message to share.  Eat, more...

"Chicken," said Brown. 

This is Chil-fil-A's third annual Cow Appreciation Day, but the first year children have dressed up for a free meal.

Molly Reuter, reporting.


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