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New Details On East Texas Mother Accused Of Driving Drunk With Children

An East Texas mother accused of driving drunk with her two young children remains in isolation Thursday night.  Authorities say after her arrest Wednesday, Nancy Graves refused to have her picture taken and was uncooperative.  The jail was finally able to take her mug shot late Thursday afternoon.  KLTV 7 also received the 911 calls Thursday from Tyler police.

Dispatch: Tyler 911.  Do you need police, fire or ambulance?

Caller: Yes, there is a car, I have its license plate number, that has almost had several collisions on the loop.

From the moment Nancy Graves left the Johnny Carino's parking lot yesterday afternoon, Tyler police began getting calls like these.  

Caller: I'm at Johnny Carino's.  I called about five minutes ago, and now she is driving erratic.  

During her drive through Tyler, police say Graves hit several cars.  Two in the Johnny Carino's parking lot and three others until she was finally pulled over.  

Caller: She was just swerving all over the lane, almost hitting several cars.

Fortunately, police say no one was hurt.  It's Something that amazes MADD of East Texas Executive Director Vicki Knox.

"I'm just appalled and concerned for the community at large because we know that 40 percent of all fatalities related to alcohol are caused by repeat offenders," said Know. 

With two DWI arrests, authorities say Graves is one of those repeat offenders.  In January of 2004, Graves was picked up in Henderson County for driving while intoxicated, again with a child.  For that offense, Graves pleaded guilty to a lesser misdemeanor charge and was sentenced to one year probation.

"It's just so tragic because they end up killing someone, and that family of the loved one has been killed are just like why did this happen," said Know.  "Why is this person on the street?"

Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith said when deputies booked Graves into jail yesterday, she was both agitated and uncooperative.

"Sometimes it could be drugs and sometimes it can be alcohol," said Sheriff Smith.  "It's hard to say, but when they are in that sort of uncooperative attitude, they are causing problems for everyone.  She (Graves) refused to be fingerprinted, or have her mug shot." 

Tonight, Sheriff Smith said Graves remains in isolation and, more importantly, off the streets.

The manager at Johnny Carino's tells KLTV 7 Graves did not drink in the restaurant.  Graves has yet to be arraigned.  Authorities says she will most likely appear in court tomorrow.

Molly Reuter  

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