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7/12/2007-East Texas

13 East Texas Bank Robberies Linked To Two Men

They are confident criminals walking in with guns up, and their faces hidden. The FBI believes they are the same thieves responsible for thirteen bank robberies in East Texas.

The most recent robbery in Lufkin, last week, at a Bank of America in a Target. 

"Two black males that display weapons, their mannerism are consistent based on the surveillance footage at the bank. They wear masks, they wear gloves," said Peter Galbraith, Supervisory Senior Resident Agent for the FBI.

The FBI believes those same criminals that since December 2004 have hit Tyler, Troup, Terrell, Carthage, Corsicana, Palestine, Marshall, and Henderson. 

The suspects are displaying weapons and they're covered from head to toe. The FBI says they're more professional than the average criminal.

"They get in very quickly and get out. This is a group that plans. They obviously know their entry routes exit routes, they steal a vehicle in advance, they know the layout of the bank.  They are not in there a great length of time." said Galbraith.

A long string of crimes frustrating to authorities and endangering the public. The criminals identity a mystery to some but not to all.

"There is a $35,000 reward that leads to a conviction. The FBI, the banks, and crime stoppers joined together because we know that out there is somebody that knows who they are," said Galbraith.

The FBI believe the two will eventually make a mistake or someone will turn them in. If you have any information on these crimes, contact the local FBI office.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com

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