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Stray's Flood Longview Animal Shelter

      Spring and summer mean fun in the sun for humans, but it's a time of population explosion for stray cats and dogs. Like most east Texas animal shelters, the Gregg County Humane Shelter is at capacity, as more and more stray animals are brought in. Workers urge owners to have their pets spayed or neutered to avoid the feral problem.  Sadly, because of only being able to care for a certain number of animals, they have only one alternative ... to put them down.

   "The most important thing is spaying and neutering your pets and keeping them in your house as much as possible.  Spaying and neutering your pets will reduce all the feral cats that are being bred and all the kittens that are being brought up here" says shelter operations manager Angela Spurlock.

    Workers are asking the public to help them find good homes for the cats and dogs, by visiting your local animal shelter.

Bob Hallmark

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