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A Better East Texas: More Viewer Response To 'Undocumented American'

More viewers weighed in this week on Senator Harry Reid's reference to the term 'undocumented American'.

The first one comes from Dr. Stephen Westmoreland in Tyler who says,  "It's difficult for me to understand how someone can allocate rights for lawbreakers from foreign countries, while other prospective immigrants stand in line waiting, following the rules, while the illegal border crossers cut in line...As far as the 'ugly American' reference, perhaps the writer you mentioned would like to find one other country on the planet whose residents can demonstrate as much personal generosity toward their fellow man, as the average ugly American."

Also, Mike Whiteland from Tyler says, "I was born in Canada and moved to Texas with parents when I was seven.  After completing my education including four years of college I applied to become a citizen.  That process....was costly in terms of money and time.  So when someone refers to aliens as 'undocumented Americans', it gets under my skin. I am proud to be an AMERICAN, and I earned the right to say that."

Brad Streit

VP/General Manager, KLTV

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