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You Can Get Into All City Pools & Spraygrounds Free

The Tyler City Council voted on Wednesday to make admission to all city pools and spraygrounds free.    

"During recent staff-level budget discussions, the future opening of the playground and sprayground at Faulkner Park was discussed and City staff became concerned that the sprayground at Faulkner would be free, while there is a fee for Fun Forest and Woldert Parks," said Parks Manager John Webb.  

Unlike Fun Forest and Woldert Parks, the Faulkner Park sprayground is completely automated and does not have controlled access or a swimming pool and costs associated with providing life guards. As a result, no staff would be present to collect fees.

The cost to enter the swimming pool at Fun Forest Park was $1, while the fee for Woldert Pool was 25 cents. All fees collected from the use of these swimming pools totaled about $9,500 annually. This amount was considerably less than 50 percent of the cost for swimming pool operations.  

Charges will still be assessed and collected for special rentals of the spraygrounds and pools for non-public events such as swim meets and birthday parties. These charges are set up in the special user permit fee and will generate about $3,000 annually.

The reduction in fees is effective immediately.


Source: City Of Tyler, Laura Krantz

Posted by Kathy Vitale

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