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East Texas Hospitals Merge, Quality Care For You

Today, officials from Marshall Regional Medical Center of Marshall and Good Shepherd Health System of Longview announced plans to consolidate the two systems. The arrangement is designed to improve access and quality of care throughout the region with more coordination of care between the organizations. The Board of Directors of each entity unanimously voted to pursue this reorganization and signed a letter of intent to merge the health systems.

            "We are pleased to announce this merger to improve access to quality health care for the area served by Marshall Regional Medical Center," said George Meisenheimer, Chairman of the Board of Marshall Regional Medical Center. "We have a strong history of working well together, and this agreement will enhance the relationship between the two organizations so we can continue to fulfill our mission of service to the community."

The consolidation of the systems will also bring a new name to the Marshall facility. "The hospital's name will change to Good Shepherd Medical Center-Marshall," stated Meisenheimer. "We believe that partnering with the right organization at this time was important to the future of Marshall Regional Medical Center and the Marshall community. We share the same mission of service and non-profit status and are committed to the health of the community."

Mr. Richard Dial, Chairman of the Board of Good Shepherd Health System also emphasized the importance of the reorganization: "We believe this association will improve the quality of care covering a larger region of East Texas.  This reorganization also provides the stability needed in the ever-changing healthcare environment for Marshall to be the home of a quality community hospital far into the future."

Mr. Russ Collier, President/CEO of Marshall Regional Medical Center stated: "Over the past several years, Good Shepherd Health System and Marshall Regional Medical Center have successfully collaborated on special projects that achieved efficiencies and better coordination of care. For instance, the same emergency physician group and the same radiology physician group provide services for both facilities." The two medical centers have had joint ventures in their communities for some time. "Our relationship is proven and strong," added Collier.

            Mr. Jerry Adair, President/CEO of Good Shepherd Health System added: "The consolidation of the two systems will bring cost efficiencies for purchasing supplies and equipment and will provide the opportunity to better coordinate the development of services to the Marshall community. By working more closely together, the continuity of sub-specialties in the Marshall community can be enhanced. Both hospitals will continue to operate independently with separate board governance and separate medical staffs. The Marshall board will continue to govern locally and will work closely with the Good Shepherd board to develop opportunities that will be of value to both organizations."

            After a period of due diligence, the organizations will consolidate effective October 1, 2007.

"This agreement is the next step in the relationship between the two organizations," said Adair. "Both organizations are committed to protecting the mission of service and provide quality care to all people through our hospitals, clinics and networks."


Source: News Release, Good Shepherd Health System & Marshall Regional Medical Center

Posted by: Kathy Vitale, 5pm News Producer

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