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Lineman Get Camp Of Their Own

High school lineman from across East Texas are working the trenches at SFA right now.  It's  their one chance to have a camp all to themselves.

It's a lineman's paradise. Yelling, grunting, and no skill players.

"It's a lot better, not having quarterbacks around," said one lineman, "getting hit and stuff.  They're wimps."

"The backs they're trying to look pretty," said another lineman.

Nothing pretty about these guys.  That's how they like it.

"This is your brothers," said another lineman, "Go to war with them."

Once training camp rolls around, the big men will rejoin the stars of the team.

"They're the pretty boys of the team," said another lineman.  "Got to keep them clean."

For now, they'll enjoy a week of football just for them. Or maybe it's the menu.

"We eat a lot more," said another lineman.  "They might have to go get some food for us."

Ryan Peterson reporting.  

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