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7/9/2007-Smith Co.

Commissioners Approve County Wide Pay Raises

Smith County Commissioner's passed a new salary compensation plan.

The plan includes a higher pay scale for many of the county's employees. The new scale will be based on experience, education, and tenure.

For years Smith County employees have earned less than employees in other counties and the cost of turnover has been tremendous.

The highest increases of the new compensation plan the county Judge and the Commissioners salaries. The Judge's salary would increase 45% over the next three years and the Commissioner's would increase 30% over the next three years.

However, Joann Flemming voted against the motion because of those raises, while other commissioners say it is a good thing for the whole county.

"We have only been seated together for 6 months. I won't support a raise for this court and I certainly am not going to take it for myself," said Commissioner Flemming.

"What we are dong here, this is from the bottom up. This is everybody at Smith County. We are trying to move our salaries more in lines with other counties. Smith County salaries have been low in many departments for a long time," said Commissioner Bill McGinnis.

The increased salaries have already been budgeted, so it is unlikely this decision will be reversed.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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