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7/9/07-Lake Jacksonville

Lake Jacksonville Residents Cleanup After Flooding

Living on a lake during a hot Texas summer is usually a luxury, but for several Lake Jacksonville residents it has turned into a nightmare.  For the second time, those that live on Lake Shore Drive are busy cleaning up their flooded homes.  

It's day three after the lake water flooded Ken Stephens home not once, but twice in the last three days.

"It went down, like Saturday morning it was gone, except for on the deck and yesterday morning it started raining," said Stephens.  "I think we got about five inches, and in an hour it came up eight inches." 

Stephens said he will most likely have to tear out his carpet.  It's a common occurrence up and down his street.

"There were fish swimming in the bedroom and everything," said Lake Jacksonville Homeowner Jay Hooker. 

Hooker said he tried to save everything he could Friday from his home, but the water just rose too fast.

"It just caught us off guard," said Hooker.  "Right now, with the ground saturated it's like a piece of plastic on the ground.  Every drop of water is just about going to run into the lake."  

Sterling Steelman said last year the water was six feet below his deck.  Today the water remains inside his house.

"The floors and the baseboards probably are damaged," said Steelman. 

Right now, these Lake Jacksonville residents said they need some dry days so they can clean up and try to enjoy what's left of their summer.

"We need the the rain to go away," said Hooker.  "We sure do."

"Yeah," said Stephens.  "I don't want any rain." 

Lake Jacksonville remains closed tonight to boaters.  The city says it wants to give residents time to clean up up their homes.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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