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Joint Replacement Center Takes 'Group' Approach

At 61 years old, Ray Elmore's knee was completely worn out.

"I was in pain everyday; trying to walk the floors and do the stairs. It just got where it got worse and worse. You know, over the years, I'd done injections and anti-inflammations to keep it down and at the end, it was just too far gone," says Ray.

Ray turned to the Joint Replacement Center at Trinity Mother Frances because of their group approach to surgery. Before the procedure, he was side-by-side with other patients learning what to expect from surgery and recovery. Then afterwards, they were working together again. This time, it was in rehabilitation sessions.

"It was more than you saying 'I've got to get up and go do therapy.' It was 'I've got all these other people here. I cant' let them down," says Ray.

Center coordinator Crystal Florey says the group approach means patients get an additional therapy session everyday.

"The goal is to get them further along in their recovery before they ever leave the hospital, and we've been able to do that," says Florey.

For Ray, it seems to be working. Just two months after surgery, he's abandoned his cane and is back to doing the things he loves.

The joint replacement center also uses a GPS navigation system doctors say helps them better align knee and hip implants.

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