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River Dwellers Fear More Flooding

East Texans who live around rivers are bracing for one more wave of water, as the rivers are expected to crest this weekend.  One area at risk of flooding is along the Sabine River, which runs through Gladewater, White Oak and Longview.  In Smith and Gregg counties, homes and roads were showing signs of water damage, and those who live around the Sabine River are bracing for more.

"I'm afraid that the river might overflow, and then we'll have trouble getting in and out," said Longview resident James Goodwin.  The floodwaters closed roads and had some trapped in their own homes.  Some, like Greg McMinn, who lives on the banks of the Sabine in Gladewater.

"I guess the whole town will be worried cause there's a lake over there and all kind of creeks, so the whole town could be flooded," said McMinn.  Others are worried about relatives who live near the river.

"Where my father stays down in Marshall, they can't hardly get in and out if the waters are up, so that's one of my big concerns because they have no way of getting out," said Longview resident Margaret Scott.  They don't want to re-live the flood scenes from Friday, so they're doing everything they can to prepare for the worst.

"I got everything nailed down," said McMinn.    

The Sabine River crested Saturday.  So far, there are no reports of any flooded areas.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com


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