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7/7/07-Lake Tyler

Homeowners Cleaning Up After Lake Floods

Friday, we told you about the flooding at Lake Tyler, where the lake level reached three and a half feet over pool level.  The high waters even flooded the Lake Tyler Marina and RV Park.  People there and all along the lake are just trying to do their best to clean up and salvage what's left.

Saturday, there is a calm after the storm, but still lots of work going on. 

"We're pretty happy that we didn't have any significant damage in the marina, or in the restaurant," said Lake Tyler Marina Owner David Stone.  "Now, it's just a matter of getting the little bit of water dried out and the carpet and things like that."  The Lake Tyler Marina and Restaurant is back open, but it's only after spending Friday night and Saturday morning cleaning up.  It's the same scene all over the lake.  We went out with Smith County Game Warden Chris Green to assess the damage.

"I've never seen anything like it, and I don't think anyone else has either," said Green.  One of the boathouses had almost a foot of water inside, ruining their leather couches.

"They've been scrubbing the floors, getting the mattress out of the hideaway bed, moving the refrigerators, just getting water out of everything and all the sand," said Lake Tyler Homeowner Dean Barron.  "I think my wife even found a minnow in our boathouse."  Other homeowners had to rip up some of their carpet, trying to clean what's left.  It's a similar scene at a dozen other boathouses, just shocking homeowners. 

"It's been feast or famine," said Homeowner Frank Navetta.  "Last year, we were mowing under here cause the grass was growing so high, and now to have it come way above the floors, unbelievable."  There's so much damage, Green is encouraging people to get off the lake this weekend.

"Give these people a chance to clean the boathouses up, and more than anything the debris that's still floating," said Green.  "Some of the piers have come loose,.  There are floating, whole piers floating on the lake and a lot of down timber."  So, while lake-goers are happy the sun is finally shining, they aren't too happy it's being used to clean up after Mother Nature.

Tracy Watler, Reporting. tracy@kltv.com

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