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Officials Tour Smith County Devastation

Smith County officials were touring the area this afternoon and checking to see if the county can qualify for federal disaster assistance.

One of the many spots they looked at was a private dam in between Bullard and Tyler. It's already been slightly breached. It's not clear whether disaster assistance could help in this situation, but everyone is concerned about what will happen if it breaks.

Homeowner Brice Pessink says, "I don't want to compromise their safety at all. They're used to this. They've lived here all their lives. I'm sure they've seen this lake worse. I'm just concerned for everybody's safety downstream."

"If that dam fails, there's no question, there are some homes that will be washed away. So, we're just praying for the rain to stop so we can get out there and people can remain safe," says Smith County Judge Joel Baker.

The people downstream of that private dam havevoluntarily evacuated their homes. The county judge thinks it's a bit premature to declare the area a disaster.

Lindsay Wilcox, Reporting


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