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East Texas Woman Hopes To Keep House From Flooding

Waking up to flooding waters, rising higher and only getting closer to your front door. That's what happened to one East Texas woman who's now spent the day, worrying her house would flood.   She lives in the neighborhood near Meadowbrook Country Club in Kilgore.  The golf course there is completely under water. Now, she's just trying to save her house from the same thing that happened almost 20 years ago.  

"Within an hour maybe, it was half way up the yard," Kim Hurlburt points out.

She awoke this morning to rising waters right outside her front door.

"In about five minutes it came about five feet closer to the house," she says.

What is normally a park now becoming, a lake and getting closer and closer to coming inside.  It's a gloomy reminder of what floodwaters did to her home nearly 20 years ago.

"It came in the house a good couple of inches and ruin the carpet only, luckily," she says.

Panicked, she called the city of Kilgore for help. 

"About five guys came out they had thrown together a handful of sandbags for us to try to do what they could so they did this," Kims says while showing the sandbags in front of her house.

"I don't want to have to raise everything up off the floor and mud and stink and the mess like I said I'm not worried for my life or anything, but I am concerned about the house."

It's hard to believe, but the road into the neighborhood is completely under water. And Kim says if any house in this neighborhood is going to flood, it'll be hers cause she's at the lowest point.

"When it's right there, yeah, I'm worried but we're just keeping positive attitude and hoping it doesn't come in at all," she says.

And with her driveway covered in water there's no where to go. All she can do is stay inside and watch the weather or go outside and watch the waters rise.

"Once it gets up to the level it's just going to start coming in and there's not anything anybody's going to be able to do about it," Kim says.

She adds if the water gets too high, she will leave with her daughter and mother; however, because of her driveway is flooded, she says they'll have to leave on foot.

Tracy Watler, Reporting tracy@kltv.com

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