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7/6/07-Lake Jacksonville

Lake Jacksonville Residents Leave Flooded Homes

East Texas lakes are filled to the rim, forcing those who live near them to leave their homes.   All day Friday, the water in Lake Jacksonville just kept getting higher and higher.  The city has not required an emergency evacuation, but many residents decided not take any chances and got out.  Several residents moved out all their furniture today and got everything off the ground.

"I finally rounded enough people to get things going on, so now we are just trying to pick up a few loose things and sit here, and hopefully wait for the lake to go down," said Lake Jacksonville resident Rick Nichlos.  

"I know on the other side the spill well is flooding pretty good, so this could be a job," said Jacksonville resident Foster Carter.  "This could take a while to do." 

The city says the lake is already two feet over the spillway, and is expected to rise another two feet.  The American Red Cross is there to help those stranded by the high water.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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