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Lake Tyler Closed To Boaters

The water racing over a section of Highway 110 is just the tip of the iceberg. It's coming from the millions of gallons of water rushing over the spillway into Mud Creek.

"There's a lot of water here. Five months ago, you could walk all down there," onlooker Michael Robinson said.

The water is three and a half feet above pool level; so high it's covering up the gas dock at the Lake Tyler Marina and running inside the store.

"We're going to have to put the wet/dry vac in there and start extracting the water," said Barry McAdam with the marina.

McAdam waded through the flood waters to check on some of the boats. Many were okay, but others drifted away.

"We probably retrieved six or seven or eight boats that were floating loose; even mine. And we just started putting them in holes where we could find them," Smith County Game Warden Chris Green said. 

Though boaters were still on the water this afternoon, the lake is officially closed to boat traffic. The amount of loose debris is a huge hazard, and the wave action is causing problems for homeowners.

For over 20 years, Bill O'Neal has lived on Lake Tyler, and his boathouse has never been submerged. Early this morning, he discovered it's under about 18 inches of water.

"I got up to let the dog out.  When I opened the door, I noticed my neighbors walkway was not visible. So I knew at that point, the water had really come up quite a bit," said O'Neal.

Even though the rain has tapered off, today may not be the worst of it. With saturated creeks still rushing into the lake, the levels continue climbing.

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