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Numerous Gregg County Roads Flooded

Work crews in Gregg county were hustling today trying to keep traffic off of flooded roadways after heavy rains. Overwhelmed roadways were closed, trees crashed onto roads and some Gregg county resident's couldn't leave their homes because of the flooding.

"It's been rough. I couldn't go nowhere. I have a newborn baby I have to go get him stuff and I just couldn't get out today," said Sabine river area resident Elisabeth Reliford. 

In Gregg county bridges were flooded and impassable, and roads began to crumble under the weight of moving water.  Bob Griffin's ranch off FM 2087 has been flooded many times, and he worries that this could get worse.

"I'm in the river bottom.  When you're in the river bottom you're always concerned.  The big rain hasn't had a chance to fill the river and cause flooding. I'll have some flooding but it's hard to know yet how bad it will be," said Griffin.

High water forced the county to close over a half dozen roadways near Longview, Lakeport and Kilgore.  In Longview , Sabine street was closed in three places, trees fell across roadways from weakened soil and parking lots and cars were underwater.

"It worries me. I guess we just have to stay in, there's nothing we can do," said Reliford.  

With continued rain, motorists are urged to watch for high water running over roadways. Fortunately at this point there's been no major damage reported by any homeowners in Gregg county.

Bob Hallmark

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