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Longview Volunteers In Wichita Falls

Volunteers from all over the state are in Wichita Falls to offer relief to residents from the water-soaked landscape. Three of the volunteers are from Longview.

"We've had a canteen here for a number of years.  It responds not only locally, but also to statewide or national disasters" said major Robert Winters of the Longview Salvation Army.

Sunday three volunteers, took the salvation army mobile kitchen to the area to offer hot meals and some comfort.

"Its about giving people a sense of comfort, some confidence that things are going to be o-k" Winter said.  

19 year old Corey Farmer has been helped previously by the Salvation Army, and now he's one of the volunteers.

"We try to keep a smile on our face because it kind of helps.  We know they're going through a rough time," Corey said.

Around 400 homes in the Wichita Falls area have suffered flood water damage, and the rain keeps coming. Something that weighs heavy on the hearts of the volunteers.

"The most shocking thing is I could see about the top three inches of a stop sign and the rest was underwater. You see it on tv and in movies, and it's kind of different when you're looking at it with your own eyes." said Farmer.  

    The mobile kitchen could be in the Wichita Falls area for months, but the crews rotate every seven to ten days. If you'd like to help, you can make food donations at the Salvation Army in your area.

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