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Gray Skies Giving You The Blues?

Over the years, rain has inspired some great American songs like "Singing In The Rain."  But when it keeps coming down day after day, there's just not much to sing about.

When asked how they felt about the weather, this is what some Tylerites had to say:

"It's not good. Really. We're getting too much."

"It's changing a lot of things that we would normally do during the summer. Limiting the types of activities."

One woman even says the weather is about to make her start crying.

There's really no reason to worry about it. Mental health experts say weather-induced woes are pretty normal.

Leslie Benton, a licensed professional counselor with ETMC's Behavior Health Center says, "Yes, it's common for many of us to feel gloomy and to feel like, 'Wow! We wish the sun would come out.'  But unless it starts causing you a problem with your ability to function, then it's not something we would classify as depression or seasonal affective disorder."

If you're feeling a little down these days, she offers some tips to lift your spirits. 

"First and foremost, don't isolate yourself. Do the activities that you're already scheduled to do.  Also, you know, exercise is really important and nutrition," says Leslie.

If all that fails, take a lesson from Hazel Millington and look for the silver lining in all of the  clouds.

"You know, last summer it was so terribly dry.  When I remember that, I can't complain about the rain now," says Hazel.

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