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Car Wash Held For Marine Equipment Fund

    A family in Longview holds a car wash to try to raise money for special desert equipment needed by a marine unit. Even in the rain a Longview car wash on 4th street was doing good business. The reason? They are raising money to help Marines desert equipment for duty in Iraq.

    "The people that I 've talked to about this have been very surprised , I think its something that the American people are not aware of," said Vicky Tidwell, whose son is in the marines.

    It started when Tidwell got a letter from her son, Sergeant Richared Muston, who's getting ready for his third combat tour in Iraq.  In the letter he said his marines need desert gear.

    Muston, a purple heart recipient says marine standard issue doesn't cover special equipment that would help them in the desert. Items like flame retardant face masks and kevlar gloves, ammunition pouches and handheld GPS navigation devices.

   "I think it's very important they have safety equipment over there and I think it's crazy they don't have all of that, that they need" said Mustons cousin Kayla Jones.

    "They need lots of things that we can't buy" Vicky says.

    But Tidwell's reason is simple.

    "He's recently married.  He has a baby due in November, while he is going to be over there fighting; and I want to do everything possible to make it possible for him to come home and raise that daughter," says Tidwell.
  The group raised over 450 dollars at the car wash.

   If you'd like to help, an account has been set up at Security State Bank in Diana under the name Vicki Tidwell's "Marines In Need".

Bob Hallmark;  

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