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Red, White & Blue, "We Love America"

Tuesday morning children, parents, friends, and military joined Stepping Stone School in Tyler for a Star Spangled event. The red, white, and blue was just part of the celebration.

It was a morning of education and showing patriotism for many East Texas boys and girls at Stepping Stone.

"The price of freedom is not cheap boys and girls," said JoAnne McMeans with Stepping Stone School during the ceremony."We had representative Leo Berman, we had representatives from the American Legion Post. Congressman Louie Gohmert dedicated a couple of flags to us."

Lexie Terry, 8 years old, said, "Whenever I think of the fourth of July I think of family, friends, fireworks and hot dogs."

Many dressed the part in red, white, and blue. Other children and adults dressed from different time periods in our nation's history.

Dressed as a civil war soldier Matthew Rix said, "My grandfather was the general of the South."

Ashton Terry, 12 years old, said, "I think about the people that are fighting."

"It's the birth of our nation and time to celebrate patriotism belief in God," said Chief Petty Officer William Law, who came from the American Legion Post 12 and handed out flags.

The parade was also a reminder to bless our troops. One of those Lance Corporal Addison Stevens. 

"I think about all the people that have fought and died in my place," said Lance. "There are times when it is hard to be in the military. I know that coming back home and seeing the support that I have and the patriotism makes it a lot easier for me to be here. It makes me know why I'm doing it and what I'm here for."

It's a reminder to all of us what Independence Day is all about.

"We love America," chanted the children.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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