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Much Of This Fourth Of July Is "Made In China"

Much of the "Red, White, and Blue" you'll see this Fourth of July week isn't American at all.  It is surprising, but at some stores in East Texas most of the symbols of freedom and liberty sold are starting out in a land where democracy really is a foreign concept.  

"This is America. This is America," declared Shirley Howell.

It is still the "Stars and Stripes" you're buying, but we found much of the flags and decoration at some stores are almost all made overseas.

We went to several stores, like Big Lots, where the small bin outside gave a good lesson about global trade.  Most of the tags said "Made in China."

"The stuff over there in China, does it say 'Made in America?'" asked Howell.

Hobby Lobby was selling a wooden Liberty Bell emblazoned with the word "freedom."  It was also made in communist China.

"How can they print 'freedom' across a bell when they don't know and have not experienced the freedom we have?" said shopper and social studies teacher Shelly Tobin.

Tobin added, "I have a real problem with things that are made in China.  But then again, I want to save money."

Under the slogan of "Always Low Prices," Tyler's Wal-Mart on Broadway was "Made in America" only.

Store co-manager Robert Hamlin said they're "proud to be able to have it here for our customers."

As for the outsourced symbols, could it be that it's freedom at its most basic level?

"You know if you're talking free economics, they should be made anywhere they can make a profit," said Arnold Walker of Tyler.

"Right now, they're making profits in China."

Folks are free to decide with their wallets.  

As far as fireworks this Fourth, most of those are made in China.  After all, that's where fireworks were invented.

However, some stands are selling cannons, rockets, and sparklers that are "Made in the USA."

Reported by Morgan Palmer

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