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Fireworks Safety For Parents

As Independence Day nears, there's a warning for parents who think they are choosing a safe alternative at the fireworks stand. A two-year-old Texas girl is in critical condition after being accidentally set on fire with a sparkler.

Dr. Todd Raabe with Azalea Orthopedic says, "At least 20% of firework injuries are related just to sparklers, and it's the two year old, the three year old, the four year old kid that has a sparkler and puts it where you don't want it. Most of the time, the burns are relatively innocuous. They can be treated at home, but sometimes they're much worse."

Last week, the CPSC put on a demonstration to show people how dangerous fireworks can be if they're not used correctly.

Every year, about 10,000 people are treated in emergency rooms for firework-related injuries. In 2006, seven people were killed. 

To keep your family safe, experts suggest children under six not handle any fireworks, and older children should always be supervised. You should never ignite any fireworks in your hand.  If you're using a receptacle or aerial display, make sure it is secured and pointing away from onlookers.

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