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Proud of East Texas: Marilee Chapman

Marilee Rabb Chapman has been writing since she was a child.  As a teacher she wrote "The Shocking Pink Duck", chosen by Louisiana as their Bicentennial Book Most Representing Our American Heritage, but it is her most recent book "Appleseeds Of Love" that has been her most challenging work.

"Appleseeds Of Love" was written while Chapman was recuperating from deadly West Nile Virus.  Although she felt that prayers had pulled her through, there still were months of recuperation.  This was hard to bear for a vital woman so used to activity, so Chapman took pencil and paper and began writing about her experiences as a teacher.  There are funny stories about her "precious" children, as she calls them, and more serious stories about the struggle to keep prayer and the pledge of allegiance in her classrooms.

Autographed copies of "Appleseeds Of Love" are available in Tyler at Scroll Lifeway Christian Store, Hastings, Adventures In Learning, The Tyler Rose Garden and Bamboo Road.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting.


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