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Sabine Residents Fear Flooding

     The threat of flooding along the banks of the Sabine river has many who live there worried about their homes and possessions.   As rain-swollen creeks run off into the already bulging Sabine river, the threat of flooding is worrying many who live and work along the river banks.

    "Yes, I'm always concerned, because you never know.  It comes up so fast sometimes that you might not be able to be rescued" said river resident James Clay.

    Many still remember 2001, when massive flooding damaged dozens of homes, literally carrying away everything that wasn't nailed down.

"I've seen it when you had to go in and out the houses in boats before, because you couldn't get to their actual place in four-wheel drives" said area resident Bobo Holloman.

    With the chances of the river cresting, many are remembering floods from years past when their homes and everything they owned was underwater.  Hearing the flood possibility, some at the local store are calling neighbors to warn them. Adding to the problem is the possibility that area dams may release more water. Some say all they can do is take their family and pets somewhere else and wait it out.

    "Go somewhere with my kids and family and go to Longview to a friend's house or something" said waterfront homeowner Rupal Parikh.

   "Its going to ruin some peoples property ... tear their houses up.  That's going to be a lot of water coming down that river all at once" Holloman says.

     Forecasters expect the Sabine will crest in East Texas around mid-day tomorrow.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting  

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