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School Using Web site That Allows Parents To Monitor Student's Lunch

Ever wonder what happens to the change from that ten dollar bill you give your kids for lunch?   Coming this Fall a new website being launched by Kilgore ISD is making it possible for parents to find that out.  

Right now, it's summer vacation and kids aren't exactly thinking about what they're eating, but that may all change come Fall, especially for Kilgore students.

"It'll tell me exactly what he bought, he can't argue with that, I have a piece of paper printed out from desk that says my child bought this," said mom Holly Davis.

She's talking about, which will allow parents of Kilgore School District students to log on and view their child's lunch account, day or night. 

"It's just another way that we can give our parents a way to see what their student is doing at school," Director of Technology Mark Lane said.

It not only allows them to pre-pay their kids lunch money by credit card and view available balances, but more importantly, it gives a list of what all the child is buying to eat. 

"They can see if they had two orders of french fries or one order of french fries, a regular lunch, or extra treats, whatever they purchased on that account they get all of the details," explained Lane.

And Holly said that's definitely a good tool for her and her son. She said they often got into arguments over how much Ty was spending on lunch. 

"I'll know that he's really telling the truth or not about what he's eating and what he's spending and that ammunition as a mother is priceless," Holly said. 

But Ty isn't so thrilled.

"I'm not excited, no, but there's nothing I can really do about it so I'm going to look for the best benefits of it," Ty said.

He admits it'll probably force him to make healthier eating choices and be more responsible with money, knowing mom is always watching.

The program does not cost the school district anything, but if a parent wants to pay online with a credit card there is a small transaction fee.

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