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A Trip Inside A Gardener's Garden

Row after row, the annual field day at the North Farm in Overton is a plant lover's paradise.

"It's just a way to see life develop. It's a way to have beauty," said Smith County Master gardener Jim Showen.

Researchers from Texas A&M try out new plant varieties every year for some of the world's biggest breeding companies.

Professionals like Mike Huggett with Floranova count on them to separate the good buds from the big duds.

"It's a competition.  It's side by side. You take the good with the bad," said Huggett.

Dr. Brent Pemberton has been working on the trials since they started 12 years ago.

"This Esperanza Gold Star has been one of our biggest success stories.  This was found growing in a crack in the sidewalk down in South Texas, and this is a dwarf form of that species.  It stays nice and short, but it is still a heavy bloomer, and it has nice, full-sized flowers," Pemberton said.

If all the lush landscape is inspiring for visitors, Brent says it's not too late to get out and see if you have a green thumb.

"A lot of years, it's already hot and dry by this time, so it's hard to get things established in your garden. But with this nice, rainy weather, it's still a nice time to go out and plant," Pemberton said.

Because if April showers bring May flowers, then a June down pour just might help you grow a little more.

Lindsay Wilcox/Reporting: lwilcox@kltv.com

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