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Crash Victim's Young Classmate Praying For Full Recovery

"Bianca was my friend and she was my bestest friend," says 6-year-old Samantha Hays.

She's the same age as her classmate Bianca Mondragon. Their kindergarten teacher called Samantha's mom to break the news about Saturday's crash.

"I was stunned. I mean I wanted to cry. I wanted to reach out and hold this little girl," says Stacey Hays. "That was probably the hardest thing I've ever done. How do you tell a 6-year -old?"

Stacey was now faced with helping her toddler understand what happened. Pain and heartache Samantha was able to grasp.

"They died and they're in heaven and Bianca is in the hospital," Samantha explains.

Stacey adds, "[Samantha] was on my chest crying and she looked up at me and said 'Mommy, I'll share her with you so she'll have a mommy.'"

Marie Nelson is a counselor at Tyler Independent School District. She says talking about tragedy with young kids is okay. But they may develop their own insecurities about losing a parent by seeing it happen to someone else.

"So it's good for parents to address this, to reassure them. They can't promise they will be here but for most cases most people are around for their grandchildren, often their great grand children," says Nelson.

Samantha says she'll be making Bianca a card and will give her a big hug when she sees her again.

"Bianca I love you and you're my bestest friend ever," says Samantha.

"It just makes my heart feel good to know she cares," says Stacey.

Something many young lives are learning to do, through a senseless tragedy.

Nelson says if a child doesn't want to talk about a tragedy that's okay too. The key is having an open discussion when the time is right.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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