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6/26/07-Bowie County

House Fire Now Claims Three Children's Lives

An East Texas fire claims its third victim--a six year old boy.   Benjamin Luke Tinsley died Monday night after he was severely burned Monday morning when his home caught fire in Simms, near Mount Pleasant in Bowie County. His sister Jordan, 9, and, brother John, 7, also died in that fire.  Residents around Simms say the tragic news has devastated their small community.

"Little kids who come in and eat dinner at night and go to bed expect to get up the next morning, this was not right, you know it just doesn't feel right," says Deanne Graham, who works at the children's school.

Around Simms, neighbors say the two boys were always are on their bicycles.  Those same bikes now burned in the fire. And they say the little girl loved animals. Her dogs are still waiting for her to come home.     

Ashes and charred bricks are all that's left from Sunday night's fatal fire, but the memory of the three Tinsley children is still very much alive in the community of Simms.

"They're sweet young kids and it just saddens me you know you see these children on a daily basis and you know who they are, it's tough to deal with, it hits home," says Simms ISD Superintendent Rex Burks.

The school is taking donations for the family, and the community is giving their prayers.

"I really feel like everybody will pull together and help them through it, I really do...I know me and my family will be praying for them," says Simms resident Aron Crabtree.

Three lives cut short and everyone wondering how something like this could happen.

The children's grandfather is listed in a good condition. The mother is listed in fair condition. A cause of the blaze is still undetermined at this time.

Tracy Watler/Reporting:

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