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Family Of Drunk Driving Crash Victim Describes Loss As Terrible, Hard

"She was so excited. She already bought some things, a stroller, crib, all the baby stuff," says Martha Mondragon's sister-in-law Lupe Ortiz.

Ortiz is talking about the baby boy the family will never get to hold. Martha was about eight months pregnant at the time of Saturday's car crash.

Doctors couldn't save the baby after an emergency C-section.

"All of us was excited about the baby. It was going to be a boy. A baby boy," says Ortiz wiping away tears.

A wrenching task for the family, will be breaking the news to Martha's 6-year-old daughter, Bianca, hospitalized from the accident.

"It's just hard to think about Bianca. She's going to wake up and ask about her mom. And her mom is not going to be here anymore, neither the baby," says Ortiz crying.

The accident scene at Broadway and Front Street is long cleared but this investigation is far from over.

Still today, police are trying to determine if this alleged drunk driver is who he says he is, and if indeed he's just 16 years old.

Because police say the alleged drunk driver gave authorities more than one name, they want to verify his identity with a legal document such as a valid birth certificate.

They're also investigating how the Hispanic teen got access to alcohol.

Meanwhile, the landscape inside the Jack In The Box where Martha worked is adorned with purple ribbons in her memory.

"All the employees are wearing purple bows for hope for her and her family. We wish them the best of luck and we're praying for her daughter," says Shift Manager Melissa Logan who worked with Martha.

It's the prayers Martha Mondragon's family will be relying on as they begin to heal.

Martha was returning home from a family gathering the night she was killed.

The suspect is charged with two counts of intoxicated manslaughter, and could be tried as an adult once his identity is confirmed.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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