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6/25/07-Van Zandt County

Neighbors Concerned With Trash Dumped At East Texas Sanitation Company

For months an East Texas sanitation company has been dumping trash on its own property.     The garbage is becoming too much for those that live near Easley Sanitation to bear.  The company is located on County Road 4310 near Ben Wheeler.  Neighbors say trash that is supposed to be taken to a landfill, is sitting right next door and it has them both angry and concerned.  

"I would describe it as just a horrible, horrible mess," said Barbara Jenkins, who lives next to Easley Sanitation. 

"There is a lot of garbage down there, just out in the open," said Brian Jenkins, who also lives next to the trash. 

When you drive by a sanitation company, you probably expect to see a little trash, but those that live near Easley Sanitation say when you look at the piles and piles of garbage, you know something just isn't right.

"There is trash coming from somewhere, and it is just being dumped here, and it's not being processed the way it is supposed to be and being hauled back out to the landfill," said Concerned Neighbor Kathy Peavey.  Neighbors say trash has brought an unbearable smell, and then there are the flies.

"That is a perfect breeding ground down there for the flies," said Barbara.  "People say, 'Oh we have flies bad too', but you have no idea until you are here." 

The TCEQ says it's aware of the situation at Easley Sanitation and has been in contact with the owner Mitch Easley.  Easley told KLTV 7 Monday he is working with the TCEQ and plans to start cleaning up the mess this week.  Neighbors say they just hope it's not too late.

"We are getting so much rain," said Brian.  "This stuff is washing somewhere, and we all have wells."

"It's been going on for months, so we would hope we could get some sort of resolution really soon," said Peavey.  Mitch Easley, the owner of Easley Sanitation would not go into to detail, but says the reason they have been dumping the trash on their property is because his garbage trucks have been "sabotaged." 

The TCEQ says if Easley does not clean up the trash, he will be turned over to the enforcement division.

Molly Reuter, Reporting.


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