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Rusk Missing Woman Search In Sixth Day

      Another day, Monday, in the effort to find a missing east Texas alzheimer's patient, and it, again, has ended without success. Often in a constant, gloomy rain, Rusk county search crews have now covered every field, every dirt road, every grid on the map, around where the woman disappeared last Tuesday.

    "She was last seen at the junction of 454 and 453 off of 79 south" said Rusk County Sheriff Deputy David Roberson.

   "Just not knowing the ending, we just really want to get out there and give relief to the family" said Veronica Betts, of the Community Emergency Response Team , or CERT.

   72 year old Shirley Hunt, an alzheimers patient, was last seen walking near her Rusk county home on county road 454. Hundreds of volunteers have searched on foot, on horseback, 4 wheelers even by air,  but no signs.

      "Friday we had a turnout of over 100 people 4-wheelers horseback trucks" Roberson said.

"We'd just rather be out there and keep on searching but there is a time that we just have to quit and pass it on to someone else" Betts said.

     It was at a point on county 454 that searchers say 3 separate tracking dogs lost hunts scent, leading investigators to believe that right here she was picked up by someone.

    "People on the ground walking, 4-wheelers spent many a man hour there, and we think we have done all we can do" said Rusk county sheriff Glen Deason.

    Now search organizers say, time has run out.

   "We've done all we can do we have exhausted all of our resources" Deason said.

     "I just wish we could have gave them a little more closure" says Roberson.

   The case has been entered into the national clearing house missing persons web site, in hopes that somewhere someone knows where Shirley Hunt is.

Reported By Bob Hallmark;

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