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2-Yr-Old Home & Playing After Vicious Dog Bite

An East Texas toddler is home and playing, less than a week after being attacked by a dog in her yard. 2 year old Jacie Konrad was bitten several times in the head during the attack.

Last Wednesday Stacie, Jacie's mother, was out doing yard work when Jacie slipped out of her sight.

"I come running around the house and there she was coming to find me. Her head was just blood was everywhere. Scared me I didn't know what happened. I could see her skull," said Stacie, "That is a mom's worst fear. Not knowing what happened to their kid and seeing their child in that kind of condition."

Jacie had to have surgery and roughly 80 stitches for the bites on her head. It's been quite a week for the family.

"An emotional roller coaster. First dealing with her and then come to find out our dogs lost their lives. Those were her dogs. She fed those dogs everyday. She grew up with Tonka," said Stacie, "She would play with them, tug on his ears. They didn't care. They knew Jacie. The first day we got home she was looking under the car where did he go?"

5 dogs, including the Konrads' pets "Tikey" and "Tonka" were put down because they didn't have their rabies shot.

The Konrad's urge people to be responsible for their animals. Get their shots, and most importantly, know where they are.

"Do something. Don't just dump them out especially in a neighborhood where there are kids and families. You don't know what's going to happen. It could have happened to any kid," said Stacie, "I wouldn't wish this upon anybody. But if this is what it takes for people to open their eyes than I hope it works."

A family's plea so something this tragic doesn't happen again.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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