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East Texas Soldiers Visit Lindale Learning Center

     It was a chance for some local grade schoolers to come face to face with real life heroes, and ask some grown up questions. It's hometown heroes week at Appletree Learning Center in Lindale.

    "I wanted to finish the week with our ultimate heroes, our soldiers, who are fighting for our country," said center director Misty Northcutt.

    Active soldiers came in and gave the children an idea of what they do to protect our country.

   "It was real good to speak with them; let them know what's going on, that way they kind of have and understanding of what we do," said Army Specialist Shawn Donley.

     Donley said while he and fellow soldier private Billy McCrary were speaking, the children began asking unexpected questions, like "'why do you fight?'"

    "I did find myself asking how to answer that," said McCrary.

   "It's a simple question, but you never would expect it from kids that age. We're not out there fighting just to be fighting, we're out there to protect them," Donley said.

    "They did a lot of things for our country, and they helped us to have freedom," said 8 year old Anthony Williams.

     "They were cool. They're over there to protect us to keep us free," said 8 year old Farrah Price.

  "They had a lot of interesting questions that you'd never think they'd ask about. I think they understand more than we give them credit for, " Northcutt said.

 And, there was this added honor, Donley was given a hero's award from the class. His son Austin gave it to him. Specialist Donley is now stationed in Tyler. Private McCrary is stationed in Marshall.

Bob Hallmark, bhallmark@kltv.com, reporting


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