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Dog Bites Girl; Possibility of Rabies

An East Texas toddler remains in fair condition after she was attacked by a dog.

Authorities tell us 2 year old Jackie Konrad suffered puncture wounds and lacerations on her face and head.

The attack happened Wednesday in Jackie's very own yard on Hebron road in Smith County. Neighbors say she was playing, while her mom was doing yard work.

There are five dogs that could have possibly attacked her, four have been euthanized to test them for rabies, and there's one still on the loose.

"He's been sleeping in that hole for about two weeks. He was there yesterday and yesterday afternoon," said Newton Joshram a neighbor who saw the stray.  Neighbors think this stray bit little Jacie.

"The neighbor said they have seen him come in and out the trap. Going to be a sly one. I'm going to try and entice him a little bit more," said Deputy Constable Joey Smith, Smith County Precinct 4.

Jacie Konrad was playing outside when neighbors say a dog bit her head so severely, her skull was exposed. After her mother found her she immediately ran for help.

"She came straight over here and told them to call 911," said Victoria Miles, a neighbor.

Smith County Authorities say since no blood was at the scene, or on any of the dogs, they do not know which one bit Jacie.

Constables rounded up four dogs, including the toddler's own two Siberian huskies "Tikey" and "Tonka". They're afraid since none of these dogs had been vaccinated, Jacie's risk of getting rabies is even greater.

Neighbors says its unfortunate because Jacie loved animals.

"She loves puppies too. Everything she sees is puppy, puppy, puppy," said Victoria, "She is a cute little girl always smiling. She's always coming over here playing with my kids. They get along so well. I know she is going to be alright because we are praying for her."

Miles also told KLTV she does not think the Konrad's have insurance and that it is going to be very difficult for them to pay for the hospital bills.

The results of the rabies tests on the four dogs could be back as early as Thursday evening.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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