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Rain Damages More Upshur County Roads

Another busy day for road crews in Upshur county as heavy rain again washed out roads and bridges. With the asphalt barely dry on roads they've already repaired, weary Upshur county crews were out again, scrambling to repair more wash-outs.

"Oh it's been terrible. It was about 12 o'clock last night when I came in. I've never seen nothing like this" said repair worker Eddie Smith.

Two roads were washed out in Glenwood acres. On Nightingale road, a 30 foot crater where there used to be a bridge. On White Oak road,  a concrete retaining wall was washed.

"It's been a little hard on us. We've had quite a few roads washed out. We've had to go from one to the other and haven't had time to catch our breath yet" said Upshur county roads and bridges worker Richard Tennison. 

"200 miles in precinct 3 ... that we've taken care of" he said.

Already exhausted crews had to work around loose soil that could collapse at any moment.

"Sometimes, as I'm shaking the ground - as I'm using my machine, the ground caves off underneath me. So I have to be aware of that" said Tennison.

Adding to the problem is another water source of runoff from area man-made ponds.

"They'll be open as quick as we can if they'll just give us a little time. We'll have them on their way" Tennison says.

We're told 8 roads in Upshur county were reported washed-out from last nights rains.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting bhallmark@kltv.com .

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