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Ship That Sank 157 Years Ago Found in Lake Erie

The steamship Anthony Wayne The steamship Anthony Wayne

VERMILION, OHIO (AP) -- A steamer that sank 157 years ago has been found on the floor of Lake Erie.  Christopher Gillcrist of the Great Lakes Historical Society says the General Anthony Wayne has been found in 50 feet of water about eight miles north of Vermilion.

The Wayne was a 157-foot passenger steamer that sank with about 100 people on board after a boiler exploded on April 28th, 1850.

Searchers used side-scan sonar to locate the wreckage in September, and confirmed the ship was the Wayne with two dives in May.

All shipwrecks in Ohio's waters belong to the state, but Gillcrist says divers will be able to visit, just not salvage, the shipwreck once it is surveyed and the exact coordinates are released.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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