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6/20/07-Smith County

2 Year Old Girl Attacked By Dog

An East Texas toddler is in the hospital and numerous dogs are under quarantine after a vicious attack in East Texas.

We've learned from Smith County Sheriff J.B. Smith that 2-year-old Jacie Conrad is out of surgery at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler.

Neighbors say she was playing around mid-day Wednesday in her yard on Hebron road in Smith County. They say that's when one of the dogs in the yard knocked her down and attacked her.

Neighbor five year old Michael saw the whole thing he said Jacie the two year old was attacked by her own dog.

"What Michael said was Tikey jumped on her bit her on the face was stomping on her and like shaking her. That's about all he said. She was really bloody," said aunt Leanette Miles.

Smith County Sheriff Deputies responded to the scene and are investigating. Authorities say when they got to the backyard, Jacie was seriously injured, with several dogs nearby.

"All we know that it was a dog bite and there were several dogs in the backyard so we are going through the procedures to make sure we have all the bases covered," said Constable Joey King, "'There was two that was on chains one that was on the loose but there were other dogs in the area that had already scattered out."

As a precaution, Smith County Constables rounded up all the dogs. What may be a concern now for Jacie is rabies.

"In this case being that the bite was over the shoulder we need to have rabies vaccinations tested," said Constable King, "Most of the ones I picked up today didn't have any type of rabies vaccinations. They hadn't been vaccinated since they were six months of age and they are about a year year and a half old."

Adding to the worry, stray dogs that have become a frequent problem in this neighborhood.

"Dogs and kids. It's always kinda scary," said Leneatte, "They are strays. They are terrible, they come and go. We don't know what happens to them. We don't know if they go, get run over, or they attack kids."

With a little girl in the hospital, authorities and neighbors are all on alert.

At this hour, the girl's full name and condition have not been released.

Danielle Capper, Reporting. dcapper@kltv.com


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