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6/19/2007-East Texas

Gov. Perry: Child Care Centers Must Do Fingerprint Background Checks

Your child's day care is now required by Texas law to undergo additional security screenings. Governor Rick Perry just signed a law that would require $50 fingerprint background checks for their employees.

Starting September 1st all child care employee and potential ones across Texas will have to put their fingers in ink, for a background check.

"Each year the government is asking the day cares to do more things," said Director of Ebenezer Child Care Center in Tyler, Evelyn Allen.

She supports the governor's new law, but is concerned because this industry has a high job turnover and low pay. This could potentially create a financial burden.

"With this extra cost, it would run a problem because if they don't stay with me that long I will be out of that cost," said Evelyn.

But, if the providers do not pay for this fee the burden may go to the parents. East Texas parents said they would be willing to pick up the cost.

 "I would have paid it in a New York minute. If you wanted extra to protect my child," said Cheryl Norman who supports the Governor's new law.

JoAnn Batey agrees, "If that what it takes to keep the pedophiles or the porn people away from my grandchildren. Yes I'll pay."

"We can do everything to protect them to any way form or fashion that we have to. We can as a parent or grandparent share some of the burden," said Mary Ann Green, a grandparent willing to pay for the added cost.

Right now, twenty-nine states require child care workers to undergo fingerprint background checks.

KLTV also spoke with many other day care centers in East Texas who would not talk on camera. They said they think the law is unfair and the added cost could cripple small centers.

Danielle Capper, Reporting.


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